What is Power BI Used For? 9 Tips to Make the Most of it

Marketing Department

Marketing Department

In 2014, Microsoft introduced a suit to power business intelligence and named it Power BI. It leverages business reporting data visualization of products or services for an individual or a group of people.

As soon as its release, Power BI stood out by streamlining distribution capabilities and publications while offering integration facilities with other Microsoft SaaS products.

Power BI Used For

So, what is Power BI used for? Besides the streamlined explanation, Power BI can do much more than just data visualization.

With never-ending Power BI updates, releasing one in August 2022, Microsoft never stops endowing it with new features. From AI insights to remote data curations, this blog will cover nine power tips to make the most out of your Power BI.

1. Know Filters and Bugs

Power BI Hints & Tips All of your dashboards have a filter pane where you can modify the school year, grade level, student demographics, and other data-specific variables. Start exploring your possibilities by using the filter pane on the right side of the page!

2. Reset To Default

All Power BI dashboards will contain the Reset to Default button directly above the blue menu bar. Select every time you open a dashboard to remove all the filters and Restore the dashboard to its former state before seeing the data.

3. User Interactive Charts

Most of the charts and tables in Power BI interact with the other visualizations on the page. For example, when you click a graph, the data in the table on the page is filtered to only that chart, and vice versa. This is especially useful if you want to rapidly filter a table or search for possible correlations between variables.

4. Selecting Options

Each dashboard has choices for the user to specify preferences for location, time, or measure. When you select, the widgets will change to display the information for that pick.

If nothing is selected, the total of all the elements or the first item in a list for text-based widgets will be displayed.

You may select if the widgets don’t show anything, show too many points, or have absurdly high values. Users must make decisions; Only those widgets on a relevant page will update with the selection. When the page is updated, the User must redo the sections.

To select in a selection box, click on the black square. To open/close the drop-down list, click on the arrow. The dashboard designer can configure the boxes to be single or multiple selections, depending on which is best for the data.

5. Focus Mode

By entering focus mode, you may enlarge each widget to fill the entire screen. Next, hover over the top right corner of a widget and click on the square symbol that appears in the report, which takes you back to the dashboard.

6. Browser

The dashboard software is currently in development, so if you are having issues with interaction, please let us know.

Try using another browser, such as Google Chrome.

Some maps will periodically default to the United States (due to a software error), but if you reload them, they should return to their original location.

The LSOA and ward maps may take a few moments to load. Some of the dates are also marked as US.format. This is another software flaw.

7. Titles for Dynamic Charts

Of course, this comprehensive report contains all of the company’s divisions. These company divisions are organized in a hierarchical table that you may collapse and expand to see the specifics. Because of the changeable title, end users can understand what they’re looking at.

End-users commonly meet challenges because they are unaware of which filters are active at any moment, owing to Power BI’s broad filtering, slicing, dicing, and cross-filtering capabilities. Consequently, it would be ideal if you could just provide dynamic chart titles indicating the current filters.

8. Make use of Pop-Up Detail Tooltips.

We can design pop-up tooltips that show mini-reports on the same page instead of crawling through graphics to access valuable data.

Based on the Power BI pages you generate, you may create aesthetically rich report tooltips that show when you hover over graphics. Similarly fascinating, there are no limits to the number of tooltips you may make.

  • Make a new page in your report and label it with the title of your mini-report.
  • Expand the “Page Information” menu by selecting the “Format Page” pane.
  • Turn on the “Allow usage as tooltip” button and label it with the title of the mini-report.
  • Create a visualization that you want to appear as a pop-up detail on the main page.
  • Return to the main page and choose the visualization where you want the pop-up tooltip to display.
  • Choose the “Format visual” pane, followed by the “General” tab.
  • Enable the “Tooltips” feature and open the “Options” menu.
  • Under the “Type” selection option, select “Report.”
  • Under the “Page” dropdown menu, select the “New mini-report” page.
  • When you hover over values in the visualization, the tooltip pop-up will appear.

9. Keyboard Shortcuts for the DAX Editor

  • Shift + Enter to add lines.
  • Insert a cursor by pressing Alt + Click.
  • Use the Alt + Up/Down arrow keys to move the lineup or down.
  • Shift + Alt + Up arrow key/Down arrow key to copy a lineup or down.
  • Insert the following line: Enter (Ctrl + Enter)
  • Insert the following line above: Ctrl + Shift + Enter

Closing Lines

Microsoft Power BI is a vital tool for turning data into possibilities. It is responsible for business intelligence. In addition, power BI may help you simplify complex data by providing devices that allow you to personalize the visuals of your data.

With these five Power BI best practices, you can begin to provide valuable insights for your audience and stakeholders.

Looking to provide skilled Power BI training to your team? Or do you wish to include Power BI into your team’s workflow? To get started, contact our staff now.


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Marketing Department

Marketing Department

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