Dynamics Sure Step Methodology

Experience the power of a proven project management methodology with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step - ensuring successful implementation, every step of the way.

 It was created using Microsoft consultants’ and partners’ extensive experience. It contains tried-and-true methods that help implementation projects be completed more quickly, with higher quality, and for less money.
It is a complete client life cycle outlining the standardised procedures and practises required to implement Dynamics solutions. It is organised as a basic methodology with a product-specific layer for each Dynamics product.

Your Takeaway for Implementing Sure Step Methodology

With Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology, you get the following benefits from Microsoft Dynamics partners and the Microsoft Services organization:

Why you Need Sure Step Methodology?

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step is a comprehensive approach to implementing the Microsoft Dynamics Solution Portfolio. Key attributes of Sure Step include:

Streamlined implementation:

The methodology provides a structured approach to implementing Dynamics solutions, helping to streamline the process and reduce project risks.

Standardized procedures:

The methodology outlines standardized procedures and best practices for each phase of the project lifecycle, ensuring that everyone involved in the project is following the same procedures.

Faster implementation:

The methodology includes tried-and-true methods that can help projects be completed more quickly, allowing organizations to start realizing the benefits of the solution sooner.

Higher quality:

The methodology emphasizes quality throughout the project lifecycle, helping to ensure that the final solution meets the business needs and requirements of the client.

Lower cost:

By following standardized procedures and best practices, the methodology can help reduce project costs and minimize the risk of costly errors.


Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step is highly scalable and can be customized to fit the specific needs of each project, making it a flexible approach to implementing Dynamics solutions.

Take Control Over your ERP Implementation With

Quicker Implementation

To improve consistency, timeliness, quality, and project success, the Sure Step model offers tools, templates, and best practises that address every facet of projects.

Dedicated Project Team

It is important to assign a dedicated project team that will oversee the implementation process. The team should have a mix of technical and business expertise.

Enhance Predictability

Microsoft Sure Step offers transparent implementation, allowing customers to track each phase of the project and be confident that it meets their agreed-upon requirements.

Reduced Costs

A structured and transparent approach to the project, where problems are addressed effectively, can lead to a faster completion, lower risk, and reduced total cost of ownership.

Your Takeaway for Implementing Sure Step Methodology

While implementing Sure Step Methodology, we go through several Steps:

1. Analysis

The analysis stage of the ERP implementation involves collaborating with the client's project teams to define all required activities and schedules for an effective project, while working on existing and expected business process models at the client's organization.

2. Design

During the Design phase, our team plans the implementation of all requirements, creates test environments for required setups, and compiles a "solution concept" document with a functional test worksheet.

3. Industry Focused

During the Development phase, we build and test approved system components, set up custom functionalities and build the user interface. At the end of this phase, we have a fully configured system and log modification codes.

4.Deployment & Operation

Sure Step deploys Microsoft Dynamics NAV, offers end-user training, executes acceptance tests, migrates production version, and provides support through a helpdesk. The project is completed after passing a quality audit.

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