10 Important Tools for Enhancing Your SharePoint Intranet

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Marketing Department

Since its introduction, SharePoint has become more than a document management and storage system. Its adaptability and agility have made it an essential tool for organizations worldwide, responding to various needs. This blog will explore 10 important tools that can enhance your SharePoint  Intranet.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a powerful platform

SharePoint is a powerful platform for building and managing company Intranets, which are private networks that help organizations collaborate, share information, and streamline operations. You can leverage various tools and add-ins to make the most out of SharePoint and create a highly functional and user-friendly Intranet.

Importance & Significance

Certainly, here are brief descriptions for each tool along with its importance:

Document Management Tools

Effective document management is essential for any Intranet. SharePoint provides basic document management capabilities, but you can further enhance this with specialized add-ins. These tools help you organize, search, and access documents more efficiently, ensuring that your team always has access to the correct information when needed.

Nintex Workflow

Nintex Workflow

Nintex Workflow is a software platform designed for automating and optimizing business processes. Users can use this tool’s drag-and-drop interface to automate their business processes. Users can enhance productivity and simplify operations with its help.


ShareGate is a popular migration and management tool for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 environments. It simplifies the process of migrating content from various sources into SharePoint or Office 365. It also allows you to automate multiple SharePoint tasks such as content migration, permission management, and site provisioning, saving time and reducing manual effort.

Calendar and Event Management

Calendar and Event Management

Keeping track of events, meetings, and deadlines is important for effective collaboration. Calendar and event management add-ins allow you to create and manage calendars, schedule events, and send out invitations. This ensures that your team is always aware of upcoming activities and deadlines.

Custom Forms

Custom forms add-ins allow you to create tailored forms for collecting data or feedback. Whether surveys, feedback, or registration forms, custom forms help you gather information efficiently and accurately.

Social and Collaboration Tools

Promoting collaboration and social interaction among employees is vital for a successful Intranet. Social and collaboration tools can include features like chat, discussion forums, and social networking within your Intranet, fostering teamwork and knowledge sharing.

Birthday Reminder

It is another add-on with every right to take up space on their business intranet. The add-on recovers the employees’ birth dates from the Office 365/SharePoint database and presents them in a lovely template with their profile photos on their special day.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation tools allow you to streamline and automate routine business processes within your Intranet. Whether it’s document approval, leave requests or task assignments, automation can save time and reduce errors. With add-ins, you can design and implement workflows aligning with your organization’s needs.

News and Announcements

Communication is a cornerstone of any Intranet. News and announcement tools help you to share important updates, articles, and announcements with your team or organization. These tools can help keep everyone informed and engaged.

Security and Permissions Management

Security and Permissions Management

Ensuring the security of your Intranet is important. Security and permissions management tools allow you to control who can access, edit, and delete content within your Intranet. These tools help you safeguard sensitive information and maintain data integrity.


In conclusion, enhancing your SharePoint Intranet with these 10 important tools can transform it into a more robust and versatile platform for your organization. Whether you aim to improve document management, streamline workflows, boost collaboration, or enhance security, these tools offer a wide range of capabilities to help you achieve your goals. Evaluate your organization’s needs and consider integrating these tools to create a more efficient and productive Intranet tailored to your requirements. Combining Dynamics CRM and SharePoint provides an efficient way to manage customer data and documents. Here’s a detailed guide in this blog on simplifying the sintegration of Dynamics CRM with SharePoint.

Marketing Department

Marketing Department

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