InTransport System

The system facilitates commuting for children and young individuals, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Mainstream primary and secondary home-to-school children. This system aims to facilitate the attendance and participation of individuals with special needs in school and social activities.

The system also ensures that traveling from home to school becomes more convenient and safer for everyone involved – including drivers, transport team members, parents, and school staff- who can easily track children’s travel by providing training for independent travel, assistance with escorted walking or participation in a walking bus or cycling program, and allocation of a personal transport budget for alternative travel arrangements.

The overall system functionalities through various
integrated modules include

Safe Travel

Ensures children are safely transported from home to school.

Health and Behaviour Monitoring

Allows school staff and drivers to report health or behavior issues and manage children's medicines.

Account Management

Allows users efficiently manage their accounts and handle transport requests and documents.


Allows accessible communication between parents, school staff, drivers, and transport team members.

Financial Management

It helps finance officers generate reports and manage costs effectively.

User Authentication

Ensures secure access to the app for different users.

Reporting and Notifications

Provides detailed reports and notifications for admins and users.

School Staff Access

Allows school staff to view and manage children's information and report issues.

Transport Provider Access

Let transport providers access their information and documents.

Driver Access

It gives drivers access to their contracts, children's lists, and essential documents and allows them to report incidents and manage daily tasks efficiently.

Key Components

The system includes essential features tailored to simplify interactions and streamline user operations, ensuring
smooth communication and efficient processes.

Self-Service Customer Portal

The power pages-built self-service portal, accessible to parents and children, simplifies submitting and tracking transportation ... Read more

Passenger Assistants

This Canvas-based app provides passenger assistants a platform to view their registration details and perform daily tasks related to ... Read more

School Staff Application

The School Staff app, built on a model-driven platform, acts as a medium of communication between school staff and the transport team ... Read more

Driver Application

This Canvas-based app provides drivers a platform to view their registration details and perform daily tasks related to children’s transportation ... Read more

Transport Provider Staff Application

This model-driven application-built app enables the transport providers to review training materials and essential papers associated with them by ... Read more

Back Office System for Transport Officers

The model-driven application-based administration system helps transport officers review transport requests that come through by the ... Read more

System Modules

This system includes various modules that we implemented to cater to the different kinds of users.

Customer Portal

School Staff

Internal Finance


Transport Provider Staff

Fleet Drivers and Passengers Assistant


    Followed by the creation and submission of a Transport Request Application by the customer, a business process flow triggers on the administration side which involves the eligibility review and risk assessment performed by the Transport team, on the basis of which the application is approved or declined along with the transport assistance confirmation or the decline conclusion respectively and is reflected to the customer on the portal.

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    The transport team in the administration system creates school staff users in different schools who then can access the system, view the list of passengers in their school, the contracts they are on, and report incidents against students, which reflect on the admin side and seen by the transport team and responded.

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    The transport team creates the Transport Provider Staff users associated with different Transport Providers who can access their application, view contracts and their consumed & remaining capacity under the transport provider associated, drivers and passenger assistants information on different contracts, and read and sign the documents associated with them by the Transport team.

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    The Transport team creates driver/pa accounts and provides access to the application. Contracts are assigned, allowing drivers/pas to view profiles, registration, and pupil lists. They handle tasks such as attendance and medicine delivery. Drivers report incidents and access the documents associated and submit them after reading and signing which are seen by the Transport team in their system.

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Developed by Stallions Solutions - the InTransport system aims to facilitate children with school
transportation and streamline the complete process.

Passenger Classifications

This system manages transportation services for two different groups of students.

Mainstream Primary and
Secondary Home to School

Implementing our transport system helps students get to school if they can't travel alone, based on the nearest qualifying school or specific criteria. It includes extra help for children from low-income families or those who pick a school for religious reasons. We check who gets this help every year. Students might walk, ride a bus, or get money for other ways of travel. There's also support for children with ... Read more

SEND (Special Educational Needs) Primary and Secondary Home to School

The system aims to support children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in accessing education, social events, and other activities. Transportation criteria for children with SEND or disabilities may differ from standard criteria, and eligibility is determined based on specific needs. They should attend the nearest suitable school ... Read more

Why Choose Our Transport
Management System?

Our system makes traveling to school easier and safer and it is also helpful for drivers, transport team members, parents, and school staff for children’s travel.

Digital Transformation

Move beyond outdated processes and embrace cutting-edge technology.

Operational Excellence

Optimize your transport management with automated and efficient systems.

Enhanced Security

Rely on robust authentication and data
protection measures.

User-Centric Design

Ensure a smooth, user-friendly experience for all stakeholders.

Client Feedback

thousands of
children with safe
commute services

Our system has improved school transportation management for our esteemed partner, Telford and Wrekin Council. Here’s the valued feedback from Telford team:

Telford and Wrekin

Our experience with the system has been positive, notably improving communication internally and externally. It has significantly reduced phone inquiries from parents regarding application updates. Working with Stallions Solutions is exceptional. They understood what we needed and did an excellent job. It’s saved us time and money and made things easier. Overall, Stallions’ system has been really helpful in keeping our data safe and simplifying our work.
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