Understanding the Mechanism of Dynamics 365 Subscription Management

Marketing Department

Marketing Department

Suppose you want to stay connected with your contacts on your terms; create a subscription center to let them choose when and how they receive updates from you. Remember, every marketing email you send through Dynamics 365 Marketing needs this subscription center link. If you forget, your email won’t pass the check. There are at least two good ideas for including a subscription link in all promotional emails:

  • In several countries, including an unsubscribe link in marketing emails is legally required.
  • Spam filters and online reputation monitors can find marketing emails, and those that don’t have an unsubscribe link may be filtered out.

The unsubscribe option is present in all subscription management systems. By choosing this option, the contact’s record in Dynamics 365 Communications will be labeled as “do not mass email,” and the user will no longer receive marketing emails. Additional subscription choices, such as a catalog of newsletters, can be made available through your subscription center. You may learn more about your customers’ preferences and provide them with more options than just the “do not mass email” checkbox required by law by providing access to several lists served on your subscription center.

In Dynamics 365, each subscriber list represents a separate marketing list, and the option to “do not mass email” contacts is a hard-coded field in their profiles. It means that a contact’s subscription list memberships will be turned off as soon as they set do not bulk email to “clear.” However, if the contact later clears and does not bulk email, the subscription list memberships will be turned back on.

Subscribers can only see the portal by following the link in an email. Since Dynamics 365 subscription constantly remembers which person has requested the subscriber center, it automatically fills in the relevant information and subscriptions upon clicking the personalized link in the recipient’s email. Standard marketing pages can add subscription lists, allowing new (unknown) contacts to register and join many email lists simultaneously.


Contact information is where subscriptions are kept and maintained. Only the contact who checked out will no longer receive emails, even if multiple connections share the same address. Communications with those who have provided the same email account will proceed as usual. You must implement specific procedures if you want unsubscribe requests handled at the email level.

Where and How you should Promote your Subscription Services

Every company’s email marketing campaign’s success is directly tied to its subscription center’s quality. The feature is mandated by law in numerous countries, and you must provide a link to it in all promotional emails. While it’s possible to maintain many subscription hubs—for example, to cater to customers interested in different brands or product families—at all times, a single hub is required. There is no limit to the number of lists offered from a given subscription hub, but users must be given the choice to unsubscribe from all promotional messages.

It’s the go-to spot for automatic subscriptions

Each instance of Dynamics 365 for Marketing has a preconfigured subscription center. Without a Dynamics 365 gateway or external website, this default page can operate directly on the service architecture for your instance. to guarantee that all businesses utilizing Dynamics 365 subscription may offer this vital service, regardless of whether they have a Microsoft Dynamics portal or an outside website.

Learn where to look for and how to change the default subscription management center.

  • Click Marketing > Online Promotion > Advertising Pages to see a catalog of promotional materials.
  • Look for the listing that says “Default Marketing Page.” Your default subscription hub is located here.
  • Go to the preset promotional page.
  • Check out the full web page in the Summary section. Your Microsoft 365 Marketing instance’s domain will be used for this URL. The page will open in a new tab if you click the globe icon.
  • By default, the page is online. Just click Edit in the menu bar and alter it as you would any other advertising page to meet your needs.
  • When you’re satisfied with your modifications, click the Save button. After saving your edits, the page will immediately refresh to its live state.


The default page for the subscription center should never be deleted. Only this page, and not any gateway or external site, is hosted directly on the service fabric. If you remove the pre-set subscription hub, you’ll need to make a replacement on your portals or some other site because there is no option to publish a fresh page in this fashion.

The default marketing page’s subscription form is a marketing form, defined independently and embedded in the page with a form design element, just like all other marketing forms. The form doesn’t even need to be opened for editing; you may make changes from there.

To locate, edit, and examine the standard subscription form:

To view a selection of marketing forms, navigate to Marketing > Online Promotion > Marketing Forms

Locate the form in the list that is titled “Default Subscription Center Form.” As it is, this is how subscriptions are often initiated.

To access the pre-set Subscription Center form, click on it.
As a matter of course, the form is already active. To make adjustments, click Edit in the menu bar and use it like any other marketing tool.

After making your changes, click the “Save” button. Any edits you make are instantly reflected in the form’s live version. The revised form will now be used universally across all pages that have it embedded.

Place to sign up for subscriptions that are unique to you
Subscription centers can be made public as either a native advertising page hosted on a Microsoft Dynamics 365 portal or as an integrated marketing form on an external website. If you don’t want to use the site’s standard form for signups, you may substitute one of these pages.

Start a Mailing List Subscription

Using simple subscription lists, you may build a mailing list by doing the following:

  • To view a directory of active subscription lists, head to Advertising > Customers > Subscription Lists.
  • On the menu bar, click “New subscription list.”

The process begins with creating a new list optimized for use as a mailing list for subscribers. Put your name down and complete the rest of the form as necessary.

Start a Mailing List Subscription

To save the subscription list you’ve just created, click Save. After saving the list, you may go to the Members page to check on current members, make changes, or delete them. However, in most cases, you should let your contacts handle their subscriptions through your subscription center.

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Marketing Department

Marketing Department

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